For the Love of Beauty Products

Short hair, long hair, bobbed hair – it doesn’t matter, after a workout every head needs to go directly to the shower to scrub out the sweat to get ready for the day. This week we’ll be sharing what refreshes us after a tough session at the gym/studio or on the road/trail.


I’ll admit it, I fell for the face-cleansing wipes craze pretty early on – they’re so convenient, nicely packaged and refreshing. Before I go running I’ll use a citrus-based wipe to remove night cream, and to feel just a wee bit more energized – clean pores equals a good workout, right? I tend not to stick with one brand when it comes to beauty products as there are so many options out there it’s hard to be monogamous.

I don’t know about you but I’m a little fascinated with how many varieties of face masks there are out there, and it seems like I’m willing to try quite a few of them. At this moment in time my bathroom has 5 varieties – the moisturizing one, the gentle scrubbing one, the slightly painful peel off one, the honey-based one with eye-and-mouth-holes that necessitates a 20 minute meditation session, and the one that leaves my face sooo soft. Why so many? Well, I like to feel that I’m taking care of something, and the extra bathroom time these masks require make my face feel loved. But, don’t call me Cleopatra, yet, there’s no bathing in milk going on around here…

[Img.Src: Chez Marie Beauty Shop, 1939]

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