Walking is Too Cool for School

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we (my family) were taking up back country hiking and camping. Well, spending a couple of weekends out in the wilderness has renewed my interest in long walks. I have always enjoyed going for walks. The last few weeks my hound dog and I head out in the early ams and go for rambles. We discovered a great trail right in the middle of this city and it spans a few miles and actually connects to Mount Vernon trail in D.C. We haven’t made it that far…yet. We share this trail with runners and a pile of cyclists spinning to work and just a few other walkers- I suppose walking is just too uncool- not for this girl!


I walk long enough and fast enough to feel my calves protest. We like to speed up hills to again feel a little heat and huff and puff. At our pace we have time to check out our surroundings, on Monday morning we saw a fox! Long walks in the big city, I hope, will get me in good shape for tackling good long hikes, with all my gear on my back, on the beautiful Blue Mountains trails here in Virginia. Happy trails!

[Img.Src: U.S. Capitol 1878, dog]

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