April brings Colour & Warmth

Finally there are no more forecasts of snow. The 10 day line up says we’ll have 4 whole days of blue skies, no grey clouds or rain! There are children riding bikes up and down the street, I can hear their voices while going about my business inside, it is a welcome noise. After the long cold winter here, a beautiful day is something to treasure. Going for a walk with the dog (don’t forget to unearth your sunglasses) she races around unleashed, a little body that gets lost in joy. I can feel the sunshine warming my face, maybe I too can get lost in being joyful.


My eyes are eager to see what’s sprouting. What’s new and different here in this land? In our garden some long ago tenant planted bulbs- we wait impatiently to see what sort and colour these fresh plants will reveal. Fingers crossed for red tulips. There is a plot for vegetables, we bought watermelon seeds! There are old faded strawberry plants hunched over and lined up on the edge of the plot. I love strawberries.

Slowly, slowly colour and warmth are returning to me. The land is thawing and so am I. Maybe it’s not so wretched here.

[Img.Src: Farquhar’s Tulips, 1911]

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