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For the Love of Animals

Mizzfit: It seems it’s been a week of animals around here: from reading Tracey Stewart’s book, Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live & How We Can Make Their Lives Better, to discovering another realm on YouTube where a few channels post their amazing transformations of abused and neglected animals. It’s been awhile since I worked with animals, and those videos on YT caused me to miss being in that world, where the focus is on animals 99% of the time.


What’s interesting about these YT channels is that they ask their viewers for donations, and then present cases where the money has directly helped heal an animal, and judging by the volume of videos, people are happy to donate. I won’t post a video because, y’know, some of the abuse is quite graphic, but if you like your heartstrings tugged, please check them out:

Vet Ranch
Animal Aid Unlimited, India
Big Cat Rescue
Howl Of A Dog

[Img.Src: Rations for Dogs & Cats]

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