Smoothies have Changed My Life

To me, a ‘smoothie’ is pretty much synonymous with ‘protein shake’ — which is one of my favorite and most frequently-consumed food items. I was able to lose quite a bit of weight about 8 years back, and have kept it off, and totally attribute that feat to protein shakes.

Lately, I’ve been making protein shakes nearly every day about mid-morning, consisting of the following ingredients:

Isagenix Protein Powder (Chocolate)
Vegan Protein Powder (Vanilla)
1/2 Frozen Banana
Ground Flax Seeds & Chia Seeds
Ice Cubes
Cold Water

Nutrition Info: 350 Calories, 35g Protein, 30g Carbs, 10g Fat



I use a bullet-type blender which makes a very thick and creamy shake. I drink some of it right away, and then pour most of the shake into an insulated container to take with me to the gym. I try to wait until after my workout to consume most of it (so that it serves as both breakfast and lunch), but it’s hard to resist the temptation to just down the whole thing.

I have to say that protein shake smoothies have changed my life, and I don’t foresee ever tiring of them.

[Img.Src: Bullet Blender]

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