Running to Beat the Summer Heat

Hot hot hot. My least favourite season is upon us and once again I have to adjust my running regimen to accommodate higher temperatures. The summer heat saps energy and makes me worry about over-heating. And that’s what we’ll be sharing this week – the level to which we either deal well with heat and humidity, or not.


Out come the tank tops, summer socks and Camelbak water-carrier, while the long-sleeve tops are sighed over and packed away. I run as early in the morning as possible in the hopes of catching a breeze, and before the sun’s rays become too strong. While recently visiting family on the east coast, which is at least 10-15 degrees hotter and much more humid, I was amazed to see folks running at noon – when the sun is at its zenith, beating down on their sweaty noggins. There was one bare-chested fellow who was dripping with sweat, even his shorts were wet– wow, that’s crazy, and unfun, I thought.

The trip most definitely made me appreciate my home turf summer temperatures a lot more, and to be thankful not to have to deal with humidity! I’m more motivated now to strap on my Camelbak, shades and visor and head out into my dry heat – which I haven’t grown any fonder of, but now know I have it a lot easier than that uber-sweaty east coast fellow…

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