Thanks for a Flexible Body…

The part of my body that I love isn’t a part really it’s a sum of parts. And I don’t know if it’s joints or fascia or again a sum of those parts working in union. I’m flexible. It isn’t something I have to work on, but I do, it’s just there- thanks Mum. When I took my Mum to her first private yoga session and she adopted a forward fold with no problem and was able to touch the ground by her feet I realized I had her to thank. I can put my hands flat on the floor beside my feet with my legs straightened, no hyper-extended knees please.


I am also able to go into deep back bends and my shoulders too are open to a large range of motion. The feel of this body working with and up to the edge is delicious. When I’m in a deep forward fold and a teacher helps to guide me deeper still, to find my edge, I am simply grateful to feel. When you are next in a seated forward fold, take your time, breathe, feel, the longer you hold the pose the more you are able to let go.

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