A Little Relaxation Dictation

A few times here recently my elder son has asked ‘What’s wrong mum, are you mad at something?’ and all I have been up to is sitting on the couch or working on something in the kitchen. The last time he asked and I again claimed that no I wasn’t cross or upset, he shrugged and said that I was beginning to have a ‘resting bitch face’. Well, that knocked me back some. No one wants to be told that.


Now every time I remember, I observe and go through a relaxation dictation to myself; relax your brow, relax your eyes, let your jaw go lax and soften your cheeks, let your tongue fall away from the roof of your mouth, breathe deeply in through your nose and sigh that breath out through your mouth. Relax your throat, relax your neck, ease your shoulders down away from your ears, and breathe. I’m hoping this helps keep my resting bitch face at bay, I know it has made me realize how tense I am and how my body has responded! How else has this tension worked itself out internally?? eek. Off to yoga… breathe, lovingkindness, and relax relax relax.

[Img.Src: Medusa, Mona Lisa]

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