Music Connects Us All

Here of late I have music going most of the day- if I’m not watching shows or reading. As soon as all the boys in my house are off to school and work, the music gets switched on. My tempo and the music are aligned depending on the chore. Beastie Boys got dusted off this past week to get me through cleaning the floors. It takes me 3 layers of cleaning to give the floors a polished sheen in this house. That pain in the bum NEEDS Beastie Boys. General chores—making the beds, starting laundry, sweeping and tidying up I’m usually harmonizing, dueting, helping back up singers to Dr. Dog, The Shins, St. Vincent, The Grateful Dead and many more. These same dudes accompany me on my walks and in the little grocery store in the hopes that no Lithuanian/Russian/Polish person will try to talk to me. Had it happen, don’t dig it.


Recently our elder son introduced us to Spotify. We pay a small monthly fee and are able to download to our phones or computers whatever we come up with in the search field. It is awesome! My husband and I had a fun beer soaked evening listening to old almost forgotten favorites using Spotify. Took us straight back to the nineties and beyond. I love that when I listen to The Killers I am transported back to sitting beside my sister in her truck, singing together and acting a fool. In my opinion music connects us all and is a wonderful way to enliven my day and kick up my step.

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