A Little Zest for the Immune System

We never seem to notice our immune system until it’s compromised by a stressor and we fall ill and play host to these lovely critters: viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. What to do when your fighting cells seem to be losing and you begin to feel compromised? This week we’ll be sharing our own remedies, and yes these will be non-scientific, totally unbacked by any science journal and probably frowned on by the FDA— but what do they know?

orange_santaFor me, it’s oranges. Even though Vitamin C’s strength is given a skeptical eye by some, whenever I feel the slightest bit out of balance I start peeling. Those 10 juicy segments, individually packaged and bursting with sweetness – I can just feel my immune cells sitting up and taking notice–reinforcements! It doesn’t matter if the orange is from Florida, California, Mexico or Mazoe as long as it’s in season I’ll use it to ward off sadness, anxiety, PMS, colds, cuts and bruises… Whether it’s a bad day or a good day a bowl of citrus fruit, be they clementines, tangerines, naartjies, navels, or grapefruits, is an invitation to take better care of myself.

Whether the orange is sliced, peeled, pulped or juiced I only eat one a day as any more might foul up the digestive tract with extra fiber, and who wants to deal with that nonsense? And when they’re out of season I’m quite sad and am known to Eeyore around more than usual. But for now I’m smiles all round, ready for life’s shenanigans — orange in hand.

[Img.Src: Santa picking oranges]

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