Wild Streak is Here to Stay

What is it that makes us feel alive? In a day how much of our living is routine and how much is dealing with chaos and disorder? Everyone is different, so what’s the happy balance between being numb and getting zapped by the unexpected? When’s the last time we did something wild or daring that caused a ripple or wave in the fabric of our existence?


My recent wake up call from the universe was an undeniable need to cut 12 inches of hair off and to dye the remaining bits sapphire blue. It takes getting used to, having hair the same color as one of my Crayola markers, it’s so apparently unnatural — it’s my own version of an old lady’s blue hair rinse. Because bold colors cannot adhere to hair shafts as traditional colors do, I’ve been taking daily selfies to document the blue fade. So there are many awkward shots, a half smile, a grimace, a startled eye, a frowny forehead – it’s feels unnatural and I judge my looks like the Russian judges in ice-skating – very harshly, low low marks for comportment and grace.


And how bout folks outside in the real world, do they treat me any differently? Nope. I receive no more attention than I did when I had normal hair, the only ones who stare are little kids. Think back yourself – when’s the last time a stranger did something that has stuck in your memory? It has to be something pretty radical to get our attention, right? And blue hair isn’t radical. What I’ve learnt is– don’t ever let the fear of what other people will think cause you to keep from being bold, because most people are thinking about what they’re going to have for lunch – you don’t register in their universe, unless you’re lunch…

[Img.Src: 1850 daguerreotype, 1890 woman, 1914 suffragettes]

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