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Presenting My Ideal Life…

St. Swartz: I have a friend who will exclaim ‘Best day ever!’ after any kind of fun filled time.

A few Saturdays ago I woke up to a painful reminder of a Friday night vodka battle. I changed locations from bed to couch and settled in to a day of recuperation. My friend, with whom I had partied the night before contacted me, too early for me, with a plea to join her in Town for a cornhole tournament, I don’t cornhole. She coaxed me out with the promise of sun and sand.


Within an hour I found myself laying out under a sweep of Palm trees with a book and Bloody Mary, my pal had the foresight to pack a coolerbox. After my friend and her partner were soundly trounced, we made our way over to Lulu’s to watch some college ball and eat and drink. The afternoon was completed with a swim in the sea and lazing in the sand watching the sunset. And on the way home my friend exclaimed, ‘Best day ever!’.

I love a day that begins super early with a run, followed by yoga. I often meet girlfriends at Lanikai Juice and we sip our yummy, healthy drinks and solve the world problems before noon. The bead shop is right around the corner and I’ll make my way over to check out and stroke some semi precious strands of beads. Time to head home before the boys get back from school. I’ll build a pot of tea and set up my tools and design tray and begin or finish a project. The evening will wind down with me cooking up dinner while watching Naked and Afraid reruns with the kids.


I have great days all the time. I love to be with friends and hang out with my boys. My own company doesn’t suck either. I love a day so full up that when I think back to the morning it’s as if it was a whole different day away. I even love the anticipation of a planned great day. I have a beach day planned with a friend today and another whole weekend devoted to my girlfriends celebrating my birthday down in Waikiki. Days and days of gratitude, excitement, sunshine, blue skies, wonderful friends, joy joy joy! Screw an ideal day, I’m living an ideal life.

Get Ready to Bring On the Rain

LaFitterina: For a combination of Perspiration and Inspiration, how about the idea of doing a Rain Dance to counteract the mega-drought here on the West coast, where our recent ‘rainstorms’ have all fizzled into drizzles.

Indigenous cultures (whatever that means) performed rain dances to gain favor with the gods and bring an end to droughts. By one account, the steps of Rain Dances are quite intricate, with men and women standing in separate lines and making zigzagging patterns.

How about adding ‘Rain Dancing’ to our aerobic exercise repertoire, alongside classes like Zumba, Salsa, Belly Dancing, Pole Dancing, etc.! Here’s what it might look like if Rain Dancing classes were to be added to the schedule at my Club!


Music with a good beat would help us work up lots of perspiration, which would be almost just like rain!

No Blood, Just Sweat & A Few Fears

Ms. Bockle: For those of you who came way after the band I’m thinking of, sorry for that. It was called ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’. Good title, yes?

But not the title of my post, my day or my week. Being in an idealistic frame of mind, I’m continuing on our theme of the week and keeping myself open for sparks of reasons to celebrate being alive. Like today, as I was leaving the supermarket I said something funny, causing one of the other customers to laugh. I get fueled up on moments like that.

Earlier in this day I had a session with a physical trainer, and I let him know that the last time I had a session there my knee objected strongly and at length. I feared a repeat of the same. So, guess what I was in for? Three different apparatuses all geared to strengthening the different muscles around the knee—got through all of those without complaint, and made it through the rest of the day without issues. Also received the timely welcome reminder that with cardio activity, as in weight training—you can keep on burning calories even after you step off the machines. Sweet!


I’m realizing—through lectures and activity—that the pain I experience when walking or climbing stairs will lessen the more I work out. I was happy that the guy showed me how to set up the machines on my own so that I can build up my muscles more often, at any old time. Just gotta make sure that the timing is a bit more often, right?

If one were to ask if I’d had an ideal day, I wouldn’t know how I’d categorize it. There’ve been a few times of stress, bad traffic (of course) and maybe some inconvenience too trivial to mention. Right now I’m feeling quite content, mellow and at peace. Good balance all round.

On my perfect day I want to spend it with you…

Mizzfit: Here’s Lou Reed with a bunch of his friends singing about the perfect day. A perfect end to a week of sharing our ideal days – cheers!


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