Are You Going to Run Today?

The beginning of a new week in a new year – sounds promising. No matter what state the mind was in on wake-up, take a moment to refresh the current thought pattern into a more positive and present mode. Nothing like being told to be more mindful, first thing, yes? But, really, what is the best frame of mind to get excited/ready for a workout? If we’re going to do the recommended 3 or more times a week exercise sessions don’t we need positivity to get moving? And that’s what’s on the agenda this week: how workouts restore us to a positive mindset.


Some days the only thing I am positive about first thing in the morning is that it’s going to take a miracle to find motivation to go on a run. For me running isn’t a reliable old habit, it is a part of the day I enjoy but one strangely enough that I have to force myself to do. So any positivity from exercising comes after the doing when I’m writing down the distance and anything unusual.

Sure there are different days when the stars align and a run is magical from start to finish, and you bet your belly button that those restore the heck out of a girl. The hard thing to learn is not to have expectations about a run, but to try and stay in the present, look up, breathe deep and notice the body hard at work. It’s tough to be fully present when sweating up a hill and not be glad I’m alive, full of vitality in that moment – restored.

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