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Thermogenesis gets me Hot

LaFitterina: My end-of-the-week blurb concerns a favorite phenomenon of mine: Thermogenesis — the awesome phenomenon of your body producing heat and thereby burning calories. The familiar feeling of your body warming up whenever you exercise is due to thermogenesis. At this point, I wanted to say “Let’s all get into the T-ZONE!” but that might be confused with:


Anyway, when ambient temperature drops, your muscles start shivering, resulting in heat being generated — that’s also thermogenesis, and is pretty much the same as exercise thermogenesis except it requires no conscious effort!

I love the idea that increasing my body’s thermogenesis will decrease my body fat. To promote thermogenesis, I always keep my house as cold as possible — in wintertime, the thermostat is set for mid-60’s during the day and “off” overnight. Regardless of the season, I dress as lightly as possible — no warm coats, no “bundling up” for me. And (TMI alert), sleeping in the nude is the rule. Taking advantage of thermogenesis has become part of my lifestyle.


While I haven’t tried extreme measures like ice baths or wearing ice-cooled clothing, you are certainly empowered to experiment to see what works for you.

A Dance for All Seasons

Ms. Bockle:


Some Inspiring Mom-Love


It’s all about getting back home

St. Swartz: She just got her man back from the desert, so whilst they’re having a lovely reunion I’d like us to take a moment to hold in our hearts all the folks who are working hard to ameliorate the problems for women and children and refugees in the Middle East. And please visit Humans of New York, where Brandon the photographer is visiting refugee camps and collecting their heartbreaking stories.


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