Autumn = Brisk, Cold & Wet

I think of this time of year as the cusp. We’re on the brink, the tipping point–leading to the landslide of foul weather, but before we get there, here’s a treat!

We get colors. We’re treated to winds, crunching leaves, squirrels protecting their nuts, days of the sun bursting through clouds, a chance deluge of rain, beautiful grey clouds interspersed with purple and blue, brilliant sunsets, glorious sunrises. Man, does Autumn put on a show, or what?


One activity that I actually enjoy is sweeping the acorns, pecan droppings, branches and leaves out of my driveway; I’ve already been engaged in the effort 4 times this season. I don’t think of it as futile–not getting discouraged that the process will be repeated often in the next couple months. Nope: I think of all those leaves and various droppings as benefitting the soil and strengthening my different muscle groups.

I’m mindful that for me, a person whose disposition is very dependent on the weather, this could be the year (since 2016 has been pretty much a write-off for attaining many goals of a fitness nature) that I don some gear, gird up my loins and get out in the rain, the cold and the burr.


But before all that freeze, I’m getting outdoors during these brilliant autumnal days, taking deep breaths of crispy air, celebrating the nights when I get to add another blanket to my bed, and waking in the morning to celebrate another pink and lavender sunrise. I’m opening all the windows, inviting the currents of air into my abode–to liven up my brain cells and my skin’s nerve endings. Gone are the draining days of the hot heat of summer; hoorah for brisk and crisp and wet!

I used to dread the cold, damp, dark days of winter, but this year I’m embracing and thanking the lovely autumn days for preparing my mindself for a more positive, welcoming attitude towards the challenge of the harsh changes of temperatures–and all the frigidity that comes with winter. Brave words; so easy in October. Ah yes, and so easy in California.

[Img.Src: OSU leaf pile. Autumn Sunrise.]

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