What gives, April?

I’ve heard that January is a time for people to be morose: Christmas is over, coupled with the onslaught of winter makes it a good time to go into hibernation. But April? Hey, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, the air is fresh, it’s time for rebirth all round. Well, blahdie blahdie blah.

April_tears_and_taxesI thought that to overcome my lassitude of the last several days, I should go read some pearls of wisdom and motivation on the movegirl website. However, nothing could pry me out of my cave of gloom and despair: Go for a walk? Gaze at the lovely scenery? Listen to music? Go for a swim? No and No and No. Okay, I forced myself to swim. Half-hearted kicking and floating with a view of sinking; used up the rest of my energy to climb out and dry off. Telling myself that the mood was only temporary didn’t set me on the road to recovery.

Into the second week of April now, but my head still feels as if it’s full of a grey cottony haze that goes down to my heart, butt and toes. In fact, never mind the haze, what’s really happening is that instead of wearing a flouncy Easter bonnet, I’ve got a big brick stuck on top of my head.

Now that I’ve said all that; let’s end on a better note and talk about new accomplishments in April. Anything different? Well, I finally went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned—and managed to get through the experience—without having to schedule a follow-up appointment for any repair work, in spite of the guy doing his utmost to find just one little pinhole to fill.

A second big achievement was going to the tax man. A lady in this case, and she got the job done in less than an hour—her fees only eclipsing my refund by 100 bucks. Maybe April 15 is what’s wrong with April? At least I won’t have the IRS to blame for my insomnia anymore.

Another new venture was going to a physical therapist—AND setting up some appointments for the next few weeks. The goal for those will be: walking up hills and down dales—without limping and moaning. Maybe I’ll even start averaging 7,000 steps a day—well, Monday through Friday.

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