Supplementing My Way to Health

My favourite way to begin my day is with a smoothie. We have a tuff blender that wants to throw itself off the counter with it’s enthusiasm for pulverizing. Besides what you already may think you know about what you chuck into a smoothie- fruit, yoghurt, ice, veggies etc, we have gotten a little nuts with adding in supplements:

love_smoothiesChia seeds – big on omega 3s -heart health- helps lower cholesterol.
Acai concentrate – also good for your heart health, anti-inflammatory too.
Goji berries – antioxidant
Ginkgo biloba – while not proven fact we like to take it with the idea that it is sharpening up our brain power -memory in particular- why not!
Flax seed – helps lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke.

With all those powders and seeds my shakes tends to get a little strange tasting so I’ve taken to adding a little extra virgin coconut oil which helps lower cholesterol, or almond butter for some protein.

I don’t know if all the extra rubbish I put into the blender is doing all that I hope, but I look forward to my morning smoothie and I love adding all the extra supplements to my already healthy fruits and veg.

Bottoms up!

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