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Love the Strong Olympic Emotions

LaFitterina: This week we’re celebrating the Summer Olympics, which I’m watching until my eyes bleed. Yes, I’ve really developed conjunctivitis, which will probably go away during the closing ceremonies. I’m recording everything, and then I delete the sports which don’t get my adrenaline up. Of course, I also fast-forward through the frequent and lengthy commercial interruptions, the interviews, the human interest nonsense, and anything else that doesn’t have anything to do with the competitions. But, in the midst of fast-forwarding, this iPhone advert caught my attention, featuring Maya Angelou reading her poem “The Human Family” — I love her tone of voice and the eloquence.

I enjoy sharing the emotions shown by the athletes upon winning — especially when they break into tears — whereby I instantly feel some semblance of their overwhelming exhilaration and the profound relief that comes when monumentally hard work has resulted in stellar success.

Feeling Inspired to Read

Mizzfit: This week I found 2 running books at my local library, both by women – Run the World by Becky Wade and Shut Up and Run by Robin Arzón. I’m excited to read and be inspired. It’s about time the library running shelf had some new books by fresh authors!


[Img.Src: Robin Arzón’s good book]

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