Success is Not a Word

Success is not a word I use very much or give much thought to. I have good days or bad days.

A good day is spent being busy with things that help promote mine and my families well being. Getting everybody outside for a hike. Preparing healthy tasty meals. Taking time on my mat. Some days it’s harder than others to remain in a place of gratitude. Pushing the couch potato out the window and heading out for a walk or a run is such a battle, but once I’ve completed my journey I love to say, ‘I’ve already done something today and it’s still early!’


When I’m working out the kinks in my hips and shoulders in downward facing dog it’s not success I feel but joy. Joy and gratitude. I think that success can be momentary and fleeting. Maybe moving throughout my whole day being mindful and awake I will have fewer bad days no matter what I’m up to.

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