Science Fiction & Fantasy Summer Reads

In this house we dig our science fiction and fantasy. I especially love sharing my love of books with our younger son. He is going through the Lord of the Rings and we had to re-watch the movies over a rainy weekend. My husband and I were surprised to find- just recently- that we both enjoyed War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, a great quick read that was read over the radio in 1938 and had Americans in a panic over alien invasions. NPR has a great story about that episode in time, and you can find a podcast on radio lab too. There is a modern movie interpretation that we all dig too.


Lately we have got stuck into a television show called Game of Thrones. The books by George R.R. Martin are a good way to get a jump on the season. The books are heavy going with murder, power squabbles, war and my favourite characters getting extinguished, so for a lighter brand of fantasy and clever humor check out Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal.


If you want a real escape get out into worlds of alien invasions, elves, magic and dragons.

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