Fabulous Fresh Veggie Soup

Right now I have lots of fresh veggies on hand — which are destined to become the basis for a giant batch of soup. The contents of my produce drawer include: 7 Carrots; 1 Bunch Celery; 3 Onions; and 6 Zucchini (all organic).


After I chop and sauté these in my 12 qt. pot which I inherited from my Mother (who was herself a true queen of soup), my plan is to cook a family-size (2.2 lb.) frozen vegetarian lasagne and cut it into little pieces that I’ll add to the pot, along with organic baby spinach, diced tofu and avocado, a box of organic Creamy Sweet Potato Soup, garlic, herbs, spices, and filtered water. My mouth is already anticipating the savory delightfulness of this one-of-a-kind concoction!


After it cools a bit, I’ll freeze half of it and, voilà, I’ve got dinner taken care of for the next 10 days or so (even longer if I stretch it by incorporating additional ingredients along the way). Lucky for me, I like to eat pretty much the same thing every day, as a means to keep my weight consistently low. Varied menus were never conducive to keeping my weight down. Finally, after decades of yo-yo dieting, I think I’ve figured out the foods and quantities that I can eat daily without gaining weight, so it makes sense to limit my daily intake to virtually those same foods in relatively the same quantities.

That being said, I’m not averse to trying new foods, especially if they’re low calorie and require minimal cooking effort. Any suggestions?

[Img.Src: Vegetable Recipe Book, 1894. Campbell’s Vegetable Soup, 1916.]

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