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Gotta Get That Protein

LaFitterina: I can generally count on my outings to the gym to provide both inspiration and perspiration, and today was no exception. I had a grueling (not really) 2 hour workout, including some cardio — elliptical and treadmill, during which I read the first few chapters of a promising book “Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy” by Carlos Eire— followed by a barre class, and closing out with stretches on a roller.

But the best part was encountering this on a guy’s T-shirt:


I don’t know about you, but that brought on shivers and a cold sweat, as well as making me mighty curious. You can bet that I headed to Google as soon as I got home. I was rewarded with lots of web-info and probably mis-info, and I found this enlightening video:

Finding Life Healthy

Mizzfit: Yet another week bites the dust, but I did find out some interesting facts about apple cider vinegar – which purports to be very beneficial, but is it really…The BBC put out an article detailing a few experiments to test the health claims, and what I took away was that apple cider vinegar can help keep cholesterol down and block sugars from being absorbed. I’m excited to try it out, and test the BBC’s truth – will definitely keep you posted.

I also came across this great video from Tone It Up who featured pro surfer, Sage Erickson, showing a few exercises she does to keep in shape. I especially like the ones where you pop up like you’re on a surfboard – I tried them out, and yes I felt a mite silly, but by the end I was out of breath! Cheers to trying new things and spicing up the weekend!

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