Gotta Love Strong Thighs

girl_on_bikeOn this semi-chilly November morning I’m remembering how I used to get ready to bike to school on similar frosty days way back when, y’know. Bundling up in jacket, gloves and beanie with my field hockey stick strapped to my backpack I was off, zipping down quiet streets feeling my nose get colder and colder. School would normally be a bore, except for lunchtime with friends and hockey practice in the afternoon. I had thighs of steel from the biking and hockey, and was fond of getting people to poke the tensed muscles and hear them exclaim about how brick-tough they were. Good times. And that’s what we’re talking about this week – our favourite body parts…

Now don’t go picturing me with body-builder worthy thighs, eesh, they weren’t ripped like that but they sure made me fast. And thankfully from my running these days I can still tense up my thighs and feel quite happy with their get-me-up-hills strength, but alas, I’m too old to go round having people poke to test them!


I was blessed with an athletic childhood and was able to participate in a variety of sports such as tennis, hockey, swimming, and the odd track and field event. Long afternoons of training and weekends spent playing against rival teams all shaped my thighs and boy did I take those puppies for granted. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, when you’re healthy and moving everything comes that much easier. I’ll never have the shapeliest of legs, my sister nabbed all those genes-lucky wench, but I love my thighs, every muscular inch. We should all be so lucky to have a part or two to trust and poke to test for strength now and then.


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