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Sometimes the only difference between a good run and a so-so run is whether or not I’m listening to some tunes. I don’t always listen to music while running, mostly on days when I feel sluggish and need a boost. Along with half the free world I’ve created a playlist that has songs with a fast beat, no ballads, thanks – in other words, songs that make you want to move. And that’s what we’ll be sharing this week, music that gets our blood pumping and keeps our motivation high.

To get me moving faster on that last half mile I choose The Black Keys, Strange Times from their album, Attack & Release. Ever since they were recommended to me, these guys have been a favorite, and along with Elvis they’re my go-to band for running.


Elvis? you say. Yes. Up until a few years ago I never listened to him as I thought all he sang were sappy love songs, sheesh. But, then I chose Elvis at random for the basis of a design project and started listening to him on my commutes, and yes, he sings a lot more than sappy love songs. If I’m down in the dumps and need motivation to get my feet shuffling, I choose Elvis – leading off with Polk Salad Annie.

I always listen to music on runs longer than 6 miles cause a girl gets bored when running through suburbia. I like to put my ipod on shuffle so as to get as much randomness & surprises as possible. The best moment yet had to be heading up a steep hill and having Linda Ronstadt start singing Desperado – with lines like, Why don’t you come to your senses & Your prison is walking[running] through this world all alone. I only had extra breath for a slight chuckle at the universe’s sense of humor.


No long run would be complete without a little Deadmau5, love those beats, with Raise Your Weapon as a favorite for cooldowns. Simply creating another playlist always gets me excited to see how it’ll play out on a run; did I choose the right tunes to invigorate or ones that will, as William Congreve wrote, soothe a savage breast.


[Img.Src: The Black Keys, Linda Rondstadt, Deadmau5]

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