My Fitness Level for 2015—Not Bad!

65_out_of_70Allow me to bellyache about how sub-par my fitness is going lately. Not at all what I expected of 2015. First off, it is taking forever to achieve full recovery of the 4th toe of my left foot which I broke in mid-December (stubbed it on a wooden chest whilst shoeless, drowsy, on my way to bed). Then, January 2, I tripped and fell in the gym parking lot, bruising my right knee, which still bears the scars. Then, last week during step class, my feet got tangled up and I lost my balance doing the maneuver called over-the-top (I totally blame my new Nike workout shoes), landing hard on my left butt.

I guess it’s a good thing that all these injuries are minor, and at least the sides of my body are taking turns getting pummeled. If there’s something to be learned, I have to say that I need to work on lifting my feet off the ground rather than shuffling around like a geriatric.

Howzabout we shift focus to what’s been good in 2015, fitness-wise. So far this year, I’ve worked out 65 days out of 70. NOT BAD! So far this year, I’ve racked up 718,000 steps, an average of over 10,000 steps per day. NOT BAD! I’ve kept my Resolution to add frequency, duration, and intensity to my abs workouts. NOT BAD!

Some good short-term goals, in addition to the above-mentioned gait improvement: 1) Go to the Foot Doc to check the status of my broken toe; 2) Follow the Doc’s advice to the letter — none of that “I know better” foolishness; 3) Keep on keeping those fitness Resolutions regarding 10K steps/day, daily gym-time, BMI of 19; 4) Focus on getting 6-pack abs; 5) Be grateful for being pretty healthy/pain-free/mobile, and stop despairing about being injured and slow to heal.

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