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Waxing on about Sunsets

Ms. Bockle: At the end of most days, I find myself gazing up at the sky, especially when the clouds have weird and unique shapes and colors. The other day, driving home at around 8PM I noticed some weirdly shaped discs all layered round the sun. They were all part of a very elaborate, spectacular sunset. The clouds had bright yellow ellipses forming an outline, with dark blue grey centers. It was hard to keep my eyes on the road and it probably would’ve been a good idea to pull over to the side, but no, I just carried on, and fortunately didn’t bump into anything. Up the road, down the road, and all along the freeway—the scene of these elliptical discs kept me company. The long day was forgotten, and I was infused with energy.


As I took my exit homewards, I was peering to the left and right again, and noticed that the disc shapes turned into vibrant stripes of yellow, orange and purple. They had a fluffy shield above them—a kind of cauliflower cascade of grey clouds, maybe as a kind of protection, to keep the colours distinct, sharp and pure. I got on my last long road home, and the striped sunset was before me, with the smokestacks of the oil refinery in silhouette. Since I was the only driver along the road, I got to slow down and breathe in deeply, sending waves of appreciation toward the sun, concentrating on its power to offer peace, joy, and exhilaration.

Snippet Inspiration

LaFitterina: To get inspired to write something inspirational this week, I got the bright idea of carrying around a little notebook to jot down things overheard at the gym.

Snippet 1 – (Scenario: Squash Coach running around yelling this to Squash Camp Kids):
“New Rule! If you end a rally with a boast, you get double!”
At first I was mystified, but then I started loving this ‘New Rule’. You can be sure I’m going to end my workouts with a boast so I can get double!


Snippet 2 – (Scenario: 2 Women in the Locker Room):
“How was your vacation?”
“I gained 9 pounds; but, luckily I dieted before and lost 20.”
“Yeah, that means you’re ahead!”
OMG, gaining 9 pounds does not put you ahead. Please let this be a wake-up to all of us: Be super-vigilant while on vacation!


Bonus Snippet: A girl exiting the Club ahead of me exclaims “WOW” to her friend waiting at the Curb in a brand new, jaw-dropping, electric blue Audi sports model. “GET IN” yells her friend. “OK, but take me over to my car to make sure I turned it off!” As I watch them drive a little way through the parking lot to an even more jaw-dropping sparkling white Tesla, I am agape with envy and pity.

The Time to Hesitate is Through

Mizzfit: I set out to visit a never before seen beach as it had quite a lyrical name. The wooden steps down to the ocean switchbacked along the fog-shrouded cliff until there she was, the gray Pacific. The cove lived up to its name and I was just thinking it would be a great place to bring my mom when a dude walked up asking if it was my first time to visit. When I asked him how he knew he said it was because I was taking photos, and it was a nude beach… I apologized post haste and shoved my camera away, but luckily the beach was pretty bare of bare-naked folks!
stairs to beach
Turns out this dude had been coming to this beach since 1969 and he was a garrulous fellow, and as I’m not opposed to hearing a good yarn or two, we had a long chat. One of the things he asked me was where do women get the hang-ups about their bodies? It’s a simple question with a twisted, suck-you-into-the-vortex complicated answer, not easily reduced to a soundbite, right?

A Journey Within to the Beyond

St. Swartz:

shams of tabriz poetry

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