My Favorite Yoga Gear

When I first began my yoga journey I practiced in the same gear I ran in. After a while I noticed that my clothes weren’t suited for all the different ways of movement yoga gets me in- when I had my ass up in the air I did not want any exposure whilst wearing my running shorts. So I bought yoga pants. From Victoria’s Secret. They are now my favourite…pajamas. They pilled pretty quickly and bagged out in the bum and knees! So, back to needing new gear again I started checking out what other women were wearing during my yoga classes. I noticed a great deal of see thru pants!! When shopping for yoga pants ladies, check this out, try on your gear and do a standing forward bend with your feet hips distance apart so that you can see your bum in the mirror behind you! If you are comfortable with your teachers and fellow students becoming seriously acquainted with your bum and knickers by all means skip dressing room asana!


I finally found a few pairs of crop yoga pants, the wunder under crop from Lululemon, alas this was some years back– I went back in and bought another pair a year after my first purchase and didn’t bother trying them on. A few weeks into wearing them I happened to catch a glimpse, in the mirror in class no less, of the lace from my thong down my bum!!!  They (lululemon) changed the damn fabric on my favourite pants. I haven’t bought pants off of them since. My old wunder unders are pretty thin now from years of daily practice but they are still my absolute favs. My dark heather grey pair is now sporting serious wear along the inseam and will have to be retired. I’m in mourning and uncertain where to go to purchase more gear that can stand all the tough love I’ll put them through!

[Img.Src: Eva Crans gym class, 1911]

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