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Family Dining Teenage Boy Style

St. Swartz: I enjoy going out to eat with my two boys. We have a little routine of going out to eat after their orthodontist appointments. Today we ended up at a little Korean place where the owner/waitress/hostess/cashier knows us well enough to remark on how tall the boys have grown this summer. Over a table top covered in dishes of all sizes and filled with all sorts of food exotic to our haole palates- daikon soup, kimchi, meat jun, to name a few- we talk about their day. Finals week, fall break, my elder son’s girlfriend, and his new rubber band accessories on his orthodontic apparatus that will keep him from making out with said girlfriend. I enjoy his discomfort over the turn of conversation. And his younger brother and I laugh at him blushing.


We are relaxed with no hurry. My younger son consumes everything on his plate and takes over and finishes both what his brother and I couldn’t on our plates. His appetite and ability to put away large amounts of food astounds. The conversation resumes and we discuss shoes, video games, Halloween costumes, allowances, which is more cool ninjas or samurai?, and do we want to stop for ice-cream on the way home.

And as we walk out to the car, they say in turn, ‘thank-you mum’. And I thank them right back.

Organizing & Documenting the Clutter

Ms. Bockle: I was actually inspired by my writing of the clutter stuff–so took photos just now of my organized treasures and then some downright nasty clutter photos. I realize that for some my treasures might be their clutter, and vice versa–but that’s what garage sales and flea markets are for, right?

My bedroom wall of family + different shots of Mike and me. I automatically inhale deeply when I take my first morning breaths, then again in the evening–when I get to see my treasured children and Mike on the wall.


Photos of my chill-out living room space–arranged artifacts from life in Africa and back to the states, everything combined together in the melting pot of where I live.


Where I spend so much of my waking hours when I get to be at home–cleaning up the clutter in my studio is an ongoing saga–cuz I know that to be able to think and create, the mind should not have to be engulfed with such a mess. Photographed here are so many ‘to do’ projects that I’ve lost the timetable of when I’m supposed to complete them. I’m hardly likely to have an inventory of said items. It’s a wonder I can even enter this room without a shudder.


Decluttering Time: Hit That Off Button

LaFitterina: I’d like to share a bit of inspiration that I gleaned from MoveGirlGO awhile back — a gem of insight that I found to be borderline life-changing!

In a post about irksome problems, Ms. Bockle talked about how our danged computers have become such a distraction — they’re always on, seductively luring us in, and suddenly we’re immersed in replying to emails, Facebooking, surfing, Googling, etc. (instead of actually accomplishing things, like working out). Inspired by that post, I got the idea of simply Shutting-down my MAC more regularly, instead of having it constantly ‘ON’ and thereby tempting me to sit down and play awhile.


Now, I hit Shut-down after my morning Coffee & Computer session (which of course includes reading MoveGirlGO). Don’t turn it on again (then ‘OFF’ again) until the evening, but sometimes I can go for the rest of the day without checking it. Funny how just the act of having to turn it on (and waiting the 30 seconds it takes to warm-up) is enough of a deterrent, causing me to bypass the computer and go on to the more important things I should be doing. This also saves electricity! Thank You, MoveGirlGO!

Gotta get your greens

Mizzfit: This has been a good running week, said cheers to the end of one month and hello to another whilst pounding pavement. On Thursday to keep some pep in my step I tried out a first and listened to Elvis while running. Polk Salad Annie made me smile on mile 4, and this video with lean Elvis and some gyrating moves that drive his female audience wild has become a favourite. Enjoy.


[Img.Src: Boy eating]


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