I Have Self-Discipline, Now What?

In all the minutes of our lives if we were to count up the moments where we wished we had used self-discipline – well, there would be many more than we would like. Way to point out the obvious, right? But in the plans of our lives, sometimes it seems we rely on luck and good fortune more heavily than self-discipline. So, this week we’re sharing if self-discipline is only pulled out for the tough stuff, or does it come out in play as well.


If I was to rate what percentage of my day is controlled by self-discipline, I would be that misbehaving kid in the back of the class, getting below average scores. Sigh, and I used to be a well-behaved student. However, I am here, writing, so I must have a little bit, right? If, like me, you’ve ever wondered how some folks seem to land all the best jobs, lives, relationships, etc. — I’m betting they have a fair amount of self-discipline. Maybe it all comes down to how much laziness we can resist, and how much hard work we can embrace.

So. For November I’m trying a new experiment. And frankly the thought of it is already making me itch. I’ll be testing my self-discipline daily. Every choice counts. Every decision I try to avoid counts. I will be mindful of my self-discipline, or lack thereof. And yes, I’m aware that we have a limited amount of self-control for the day, that’s why we’re advised to not grocery shop when hungry, or drive when angry. But, too long have I been in a holding pattern, it’s time to take action. And that requires self-discipline.

Don’t worry, I won’t be asking how your self-discipline is holding up, that’s all you. And I’ll definitely be reporting back how much fun and misery happens in the search for self-discipline.

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