Let’s Be Proactively Healthy

Ah, the rainy season is here in California. I am happy to reach for my heavier coat in the morning and turn on my electric blanket to warm up my bed at night. However, I can’t help notice that more people are sneezing and sniffling when I am out and about.


Here are a few things that I do to help keep that common cold away and stay healthy:

  • Sanitize:  I keep hand sanitizer in my purse and make sure to use it. This is especially a habit after shaking hands or opening doors in a public place. I also pre-wipe the exercise equipment at the gym as well.  And ditto on Mizzfit’s handwashing advice!
  • Vitamins:  I make sure to take a daily multi-vitamin. I take the gummy bear ones, so I am highly motivated to remember to take it. Also, if I am feeling like I need a boost or have been exposed to a bug, I reach for an Emergen-C pack. That seems to give my immune system a healthy lift.
  • Visualization:  When I meditate I visualize a protective bubble around me. I can see through it, but it is strong, like bulletproof glass. Most importantly germs, a cold, or the flu can’t get into my area. I do my best to visualize this daily.
  • Fluids:  I am proactive with the fluids. While I do focus on water, I am also a fan of juice and herbal tea. Keeping hydrated is a conscious choice during the winter months, as I find that it is a bit easier to drink water when the sun is shining during the summer.

For me, being proactive seems to be the consistent piece that keeps me healthy during cold season. I also keep telling myself that I am healthy and happy. Here’s to another healthy season!

[Img.Src: British WW2 Poster. Gummy Bears.]

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