Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Rules To Live By

LaFitterina: My friend Karen Kelley, who owns Trimm-Way Weight Loss Center, sent me the following tips for weight loss:


I like to think I already follow most of these, particularly 1., 2., 3. and 9. & 10. But, the middle items are a challenge because I am generally multi-tasking when I’m eating — i.e., doing computer stuff with breakfast, watching TV while eating dinner and snacking in the evening. As a consequence, I don’t eat mindfully, which seems to be the gist of 4. through 8.

So, this is a good reminder to give a lot more thought about the process of eating. To put it another way, by consciously paying more attention to this central part of our lives, the result will probably be an improved sense of control over our weight. Food for thought!

Beauty That Lasts Generations

Ms. Bockle: It’s a human thing, this wanting to be surrounded by beauty–and it’s not just the current population–this yearning to make the environment pleasing to behold occurred in people from long ago and far away. Visit any museum around and discover that as far back as the eye can see–people have been decorating the space where they live.


Then view the whole rationale behind the craftsman of old–the maker of the Morris chair — and his circle of friends — all had the ability to craft beautiful, functional furniture and homes. Pleasing to behold, functional AND extremely well made–to last generations.

Get Your Bounce On, Mr. Mudd

Mizzfit: I was sent this video yesterday and it immediately brought a smile – bouncing bulldog having fun, that’s the way all moving should be — fun. Cheers to a lovely weekend.

[Img.Src: Morris Chair]

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