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2016, You’ve Been Rough

Mizzfit: I’m glad we reviewed our fitness for 2016 this week, cause if we had waited a week my post might’ve been a wee bit salty. 2016 seems to be the year that keeps on giving – that is, giving headache-inducing, unreturnable, break-the-bank gifts. Sheesh. Her last parting present for me was the breakdown of my truck, which I’ve had for 16 years. Do you know how stressful it is to lose your wheels? To have to search for used cars? It’s very disheartening. It consumes your mind to the exclusion of all else.


I have to keep reminding myself to look up, look around – to not forget about folks with much worse problems. Half of my heart wants to hate this year big time, while the other half struggles to remember the good and be grateful.

On my runs if I find myself obsessively looking at cars, evaluating their worth and reliability, to the exclusion of paying attention to my progress – I have to force this monkey mind to look at the details I’m running past, to keep attention on my steps and make sure they stay light. It’s a battle.

One aspect of all this I am thankful for are the YouTube videos addressing used car buyers concerns – they’ve been very helpful. As I’m fond of saying, onwards and upwards. And I’m praying 2016 has given me its last troublesome parting gift, that would be great.

Cheers, and thanks for letting me release some pent-up steam.

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