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Google Knows All & Shares All

Ms. Bockle: On a weekly, if not daily basis, I get excited about googling something: write in a random sentence and hey presto: you’ve got 1, 579 million answers to the question.

Case in point: I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that yellow jackets serve no earthly purpose whatsoever. Innocent children have been gob-smacked by such pronouncements, thinking that surely there is a purpose for every creature on earth.


These yellow jackets: they do not pollinate, they infest your garden in nests, sting repeatedly at random, spoil your picnics and even attempts to cultivate the garden. Therefore: they should be totally annihilated.

After hearing that these persecuted, badly maligned creatures might have some sort of benefit and place in the ecosystem, I googled:

What is the use of Yellow jackets?

And got answers: They feed liquified insects–(other garden pests) to their young: caterpillars, flies and spiders to name a few. They do a great job in keeping the population of those insects under control, so they are good for something: they have an essential spot in the ecological balance of nature.

Don’t know what I’m praising more, googling or yellow jackets–a shout-out to both! At least google doesn’t sting.

Let’s Stimulate Those Muscles!

LaFitterina: We talk a lot about exercise here. I myself have used the ‘E’ word 115 times in my MoveGirlGO posts, but I don’t suppose anyone is keeping track.

In a nutshell, exercise is a stimulus that acts upon a body to produce a response.

Stimulus >>> Body >>> Response

But let’s consider a more detailed definition of exercise:
Exercise is performing a demanding and meaningful (and safe) activity of sufficient intensity to stimulate the body to make anatomic and metabolic growth changes.


This brings up the point that sometimes we think we’re exercising, but if the intensity is too puny, then the body won’t be stimulated to grow and improve. Be aware of this when your take your next walk or use light weights — i.e., low intensity activities. If you don’t tire out your muscles, then there’s virtually no bodily response. No wonder that sometimes we think we’re working out but we’re not getting anywhere.

At the other extreme, be wary of over-training or insufficient recovery time between sessions.

The topic of exercise is fascinating — thank goodness that’s what this blog is about (among other things). Stay tuned for future posts about exercise and more.

Go Didga, Skateboarding Kittie

Mizzfit: After a week of sharing our creative summer projects I thought we’d take a look at a cat skateboarding, ’cause what’s more inspiring than that? Bold, confident, agile, overcoming barriers and having fun – what we all aspire to for ourselves, yes? Enjoy, and have a beautiful weekend.

[Img.Src: Yellow jacket aerial, yellow jacket profile, World War 2 nurses]

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