Friends who are like Family

friends_beachFlipping through my mental Rolodex of friends and trying to categorize them had me coming up empty for only one that would stand out over the others. Having moved around so often I have left friends behind over and over. Some I call and talk to frequently and others we share texts and the occasional picture, some, once I move I never hear from them again nor do they from me.

I have a few friends who I consider akin to family. The level of comfort and closeness between us is special. I know all their family members and they know mine. A couple have known my children since long back, and were alongside me and taking photographs when I put my elder son on the school bus on the first day of kindergarten.

They all have made an impact on my life and the time spent in the places we have lived, making moving all the more wrenching. I am so grateful for these amazing different women and men.

[Img.Src: Beach Friends, 1938]

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