Autumn Colours are Wonderful

While driving my sons home from school one Autumn afternoon, I pointed out the huge maple that we had been watching for the daily transformations. I asked them, “Have you ever seen a tree’s colours range from yellow, orange, red and purple, PURPLE!!” (I was excited about the purple). My younger son piped up from the back seat, “Nope, but have you ever seen a grown man naked?” (We had recently watched Airplane!). When I think about Autumn I think about almost driving off the road, dumbfounded and in hysterics at my son’s clever delivery.


Autumnal colours are wonderful and I love them duplicated in the big bowl of fun-sized candy bars I hand out to kids on Halloween! The loaded, groaning table on Thanksgiving is again colourful (so are my guests). I think that the colours of Fall are all that I have any regard for. While we check out the beautiful hues of the foliage against the clear blues skies, Winter is menacing and looming, it’s icy breath may be bated but that’s what I think about most when I’m stuck in a place that endures changing seasons.

I’m back in Hawaii, stretching out my Summer, and am not looking forward to going back to: sox and boots and gloves and coats- I like scarves- and hats. I’ll admit to kind of wanting to see the trees around our metropolis put on their Autumn gear, but, meh, I was on a beach this afternoon after an awesome hike.

A pox on Autumn, Winter and Spring.

[Img.Src: Sugar Maple]

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