Love Your Cleansing Kidneys

We all know what we ought to stock our refrigerators and pantries with. Avoid sugars, processed food, certain fats, sodium, yada, yada, yada. Yawn. Why? Is getting lean the only reason we should eat healthy? Our kidneys hope not. Along with our other organs our kidneys rely on us to be quite particular with what we cram in our pie holes.


Healthy kidneys will clear out all the dross in our blood works and shift that waste and water down to our water works. They will clean-up 200 quarts of blood a day. That’s 400 pints of beer on the wall. While filtering out the muck- about 2 quarts a day- they make sure your blood composition remains balanced. They dole out chemicals like potassium, phosphorus and sodium. And everything is checked and balanced so we can function all steady like.

If the kidneys are not working up to scratch because we’re overdoing the ice-cream, steak, chow mein, chips and chocolate cake and under doing the agua, greens, and leans – then every other body function waiting on that healthy and balanced blood to chug through is going to slow down and run poorly also. All those pipes, and all those organs require us to slow down on the Klondike bars, and speed up on the kale. Knowing all the ins, outs, whys and wherefores doesn’t hurt either.


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