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Hurray for Humor

Ms. Bockle: This week has been a good one–and I was wondering how I measured ‘good’, as opposed to ‘bad’ or ‘mediocre’.

I’ve reached a certain level of contentment, and it’s not because it’s Friday. Without getting overly analytical about the reasons why this week rates a 5 out of 5 star rating, I believe it’s because there is a theme amongst the days: amid the usual routine there was a grand interaction with people. Whether they be greetings from casual strangers, communications through the internet, text messages, phone calls or actual face to face encounters, there was a thriving amount of social contact. I’m not an island adrift in a sea of cold indifference, but am part of an ever-changing network of amazingly diverse people.


And the best part of the conversations has been the laughter; I am so grateful for a sense of humor.

There you have it.

If I was A Cavewoman

LaFitterina: This week, with all the MoveGirlGO posts bemoaning the subject of stress, I actually felt more stressed than ever just reading about how stressed everyone is, the myriad of sources of our various stresses, and the solutions we’ve devised to abate the feelings of over-stress. On the other hand, I was glad for a renewed realization as to how easy and uncomplicated my life is.

To say I’m stressed would be laughable to the majority of people in the world, particularly thinking of underdeveloped and/or worn-torn countries. I’d better stop stressing over my weight being up 1/2 pound.


I’m trying to envision how over-whelming the stress would be if I were an aging cavewoman — I’m pretty sure it would be beyond my coping ability. Not a pretty picture to be constantly worried about my daily sustenance and survival. And no make-up, trendy clothes or hair products to make me feel better about myself.

I’m happy that the week is drawing to a close, so we can stop dwelling on the topic of stress and move on to the weekend. Hopefully, stress-free.

Thanks, Mr. Jung

Mizzfit: Cheers to everyone having a nonsensical weekend!


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