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Never Give Up on Good Posture

Ms. Bockle: It’s amazing how the mind and body can be healed. Once, a few years ago I went to a physical therapist because of a pain in my wrist. After spending some time asking me questions and twisting my hand this way and that, he pronounced that it was a problem with posture. I learned several exercises for strengthening the muscles in my arms, but also my back, neck and shoulders–and a great stretching exercise that I continue to this day whenever my wrist starts to twinge. And through it all he kept telling me to sit or stand up straight.


I wrote earlier this week about being mindful of my posture, and at the risk of being repetitious, want to stress how the whole body is affected by our stance. It makes me marvel at how we’re made–with everything being so connected, from our toes to our nose, the whole body needs to be in on the act of healing; we can’t just isolate one aspect to the neglect of all others.

I guess that’s where the mind comes into play–that glorious brain is also part of the whole deal–and with our thoughtful attention to keep everything in the mind and body focused on a certain quest, we can have confidence that we will achieve countless long and short term goals.

Never give up.

For Your Inspiration

LaFitterina: Today, I was impressed with the clever sayings on the tanks that 2 of my gym-mates were wearing:


I also spotted this sign outside the Club restaurant, but I wanted to erase the last part, and insert: “GO WORKOUT” — because we all know that exercise is key to maintaining a good mood or transforming a negative attitude into a positive!


Your assignment for the Weekend: Notice the things around you that are inspiring, and modify anything that doesn’t inspire you into something that does!

Thanks, Mr Chekhov

Mizzfit: I don’t know about you, but our days have been hot hot hot, and I’ve been pulling out all the tricks in the book to have good days despite the heat. Run in the early morning or in the shade, drink loads more fluids than usual, ice ice ice, lots of fruit, do the dishes at night… What are your tricks for having a happy hot summer, and don’t list air conditioning!


[Img.Src: Good Posture – 1919]

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