Hazy Days of Summer Camping

Summer Camping My favourite summertime fun activity would definitely be camping. Not being able to narrow it down to only one place or time, as the camping theme makes them all merge inside my head—I’ll describe a few places that stand out:

  • Zomba Plateau, Malawi—where we learnt ways to avoid the biting ants
  • Orca Island, Puget Sound, WA—where I got to bush bash with my 3 kids and we found our own private grassy knoll
  • Jedediah Smith Campground, CA—which offered up shady trails and vistas of redwoods
  • Mt. Lasen, CA—where we tried to find the “Devil’s Kitchen”, but the trail lasted too long (an eternity)
  • Yosemite, CA—where our food froze inside the bear locker

Yosemite FallsMany things make camping a pleasure—course, you can see where there could be challenges—but the constant breathing in of the outdoor scents and fresh air, the smell of early morning breakfast, the leisurely pace, the utter calm and peace, the campfire at night, all combine together to make for brilliant memories. I did forget to mention one highlight: the fumbling for the flashlight at 2 a.m. to make a trip to the loo.

Martinez BayBut what to do on those hot summer days when you get to stay close to home? Well, I was out walking at the waterfront park the other day, looking around at people enjoying the day, keeping cool, picnicking with their families. Merely sitting close to water and letting the breeze blow over me is good.

Back home, one cooling off method is to share the water with my plants; while watering, turn the hosepipe on myself, starting with the top of my head. Drip dry in the shade.

Summer Camping TripsSummer time also gives more time for projects—like refinishing furniture, organizing the garage, or landscaping the garden, but one thing for sure: contact some friends, get out the maps, and plan another camping trip.



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