Fall goals — Falling Goals

I’m one to have dreams, aims and goals, make lists of things to do, and all that good stuff. Thinking that if I don’t dream BIG, ‘things’ won’t happen, so I make big dreams. Only thing is, I don’t do the daily stuff necessary to attain them. Not the big ones, anyway; my daily ‘to do’ lists mostly get done.

So now, do I have specific goals for a new exercise programme for the rest of this year? Hadn’t really thought of one; but it’s definitely a good time to start thinking about it, especially since the high temperatures have made way for some moderate, user-friendly weather.

walking_yoga_gym_todolistThe lack of consistency and will power is usually what derails my aims from reaching their destination, or maybe the caboose never even makes it out of the station. I’ve got no magic trick or self-help book at the ready to keep me on track, and I’m not one to take kindly to reminders from well-meaning friends. When I joined a gym a couple months ago, my personal trainer told me that I would be accountable to her, but—guess what? I think she’s forgotten about me.

She’s not been after me with nagging reminders, but I do believe if she was, I wouldn’t take it too badly, since we have a kind of professional relationship. Ultimately, I am accountable to no one but myself; somehow I need to be the kind of person who tells myself: “keep it up, not bad, there you go girl, you rock” —that kind of good-feeling jargon stuff–instead of the guilt-producing nasty comments I tend to mumble to myself.

Okay, let’s try these goals for the rest of this month: go to the gym more often, yoga more faithfully, get to the waterfront and walk, walk down a new road, do something unplanned and spontaneous. Dig myself out of this dangerous rut. At the end of October, I can make assessments to see if I’ll be able to add more to November’s list.

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