Quote of the day #1 – Mandela

This week promises to be a hectic one for quite a few people and as a result we’ve decided to share our favourite quotes by our most treasured folks. Mine is from a dude who never gave up, in fact, if you look up “resilient” in the dictionary you’ll see his picture. And forgiving, eeesh. He forgave the racist folks who kept him in a very isolated prison and tried to destroy his dignity. He ultimately led his country through some turbulent times that everyone was predicting would be horrific, but he took over without bloodshed. So yeah, this dude, Nelson Mandela, he’s the ultimate in stand-up for what’s right guys.


I recommend his book, “Long Walk to Freedom“, and I believe a movie’s been made with the same title, but my favourite Madiba movie has to be “Invictus” – even with Matt Damon’s terrible Afrikaans accent… If you have a quote that gets you going, please feel free to share, Cheers!

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