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5 Reasons to Get Up Early

Mizzfit: On a couple runs this week I got to break out my long-sleeved running gear, woo-hoo. And along the way I’ve been thinking about a few things that keep me going these chilly mornings.

First things first: a cup of Bigelow’s Jasmine Green Tea. Gives me umpf and just the right amount of caffeine – cause I’m Goldilocks when it comes to caffeine.

Numero Dos: A well-blended smoothie. Can’t say enough about how much better my mornings feel with a healthy smoothie onboard.

A Trio of Three: Badger Balm, Badger Cuticle Care and Badger Damascus Rose Body Oil. I love these products as they’re good for me, the environment and no badgers or bunnies were harmed.

Quatre: A quote found in a book on resilience that I find particularly apt these days…


Five to Stay Alive: These 5 Instagram accounts give this girl a kick in the butt in multiple areas of life, and a glimpse into other peeps goings-on. Who motivates and inspires you?

Colleen Saidman
Nayyirah Waheed
Robin Arzon
Ali Brown
Mimi Ikonn

Cheers to a positive weekend filled up with marvelous shenanigans.

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