Gotta Love Those Summer Beaches

Four summers ago my sister, my two boys and I sped down the 101 to San Luis Obispo to just turn around and travel back up highway 1 at a leisurely pace. The central Cali coastline is amazing.

gotta love those summer beachesWe began our first morning strolling up Pismo Beach. There is a giant old style swing set anchored in the sand there. Swinging alongside my sister and my boys, facing the ocean whooping, laughing and so pleased with ourselves is one of my favourite memories. That trip was a perfect summer adventure. We were tucked in the cab of a truck, close comfort style. Talking and laughing and stopping to check out Harmony, seals, waterfalls spilling onto beaches, and hiking to crazy beautiful vistas. Splendid.

Living in Hawaii I have become pretty complaisant about adventuring. I love my side of the island. I don’t want to leave this corner of sun and sand. My boys are older and reluctant to spend time with böring mum- that means I’d adventure alone. Nah, I live by beaches and a town that people come from all over the world to see.

Kailua Beach

I’m going to enjoy my favourite beaches, shops, restaurants, and friends this summer and it’ll be good.


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