Swimming in the Summer

The only goal I have set this year is to get through it without completely losing my mind. This summer has been no different. I have been lucky with some family and friends making the journey out to us, and I had a trip up to Pennsylvania to visit with girlfriends I hadn’t seen in years. Taking up with a new yoga studio is also making the summer pass a little faster.


When the weather is fine we head out to the wilderness, and that has had the most calming affect for our minds. This past weekend we swam in a wonderful swimming hole complete with waterfall. My husband packed ingredients for cocktails and we sat on a rock in the middle of the stream and watched our teenage boys skip stones and bound around on boulders, while drinking our Moscow mules. Driving back into the city was torturous.

I don’t believe I have ever been happier with the passage of time as I have been this year. This summer, in this place, needs to hurry up and be done, so must autumn, then the end will be in sight.

[Img.Src: Elakala Waterfalls]

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