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Give Barre a Chance

LaFitterina: I was talking to another gal at the gym after a lively Zumba class, and the subject of Barre classes came up. She said she had taken one Barre class, but found it so difficult that she hadn’t gone to another one since. I pointed out, in my usual tact-less way, that she’d never get any better if she didn’t keep going to the classes. Luckily, she took this advice with good humor and agreed.


Barre classes are a fairly new phenomenon and they’re invariably tough. At my Club, the basic format is to start out with some warm-up moves, then we work our arms using light weights and focused moves, usually enough reps to make you feel you can’t do anymore. Then we all step up to the ballet barres around the room, where we work our legs and rear to the max. Then we get on our mats to target our abs, followed by stretching.

Places that specialize in this type of class are becoming more prevalent, at least around here. I hope you will give it a try, and not just once, please!

Building Strength One at a Time

Mizzfit: The 15 Day Challenge is going strong and I’ve been happy to add different movements to my day. As I thought, the push-ups were the trickiest to knock out – there was much pausing and mild laughter at my form. I’m looking forward to improving my repetition count over the next 10 days.


[Img.Src: Ballet Group 1956]

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