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How Do You Combat Smelly Perspiration?

LaFitterina: Friday the 13th deserves mention of Unlucky Smelly Sweat! A recent dialogue among friends revealed that we’d all been occasionally smelly of late, but we’re concerned about the ingredients in antiperspirants and deodorants.

organic deodorantAfter I was no longer in the workforce, I weaned myself off antiperspirants except for special occasions. I figured that showering everyday was probably adequate since no one is going to complain to my boss. Eventually, I even stopped using salt deodorant. But I do notice lately (probably due to the above-mentioned convo) that there might be need for SOMETHING besides 1x day soap/water. Should we follow random website recommendations to use the combo pictured (“They work astonishingly well to kill odor with a beautiful light scent for up to sixteen hours”)? Bizarre. Who the heck knows.


Serendipitous Inspiration

Ms Bockle:  There are some days when I’ve got hours at my disposal, with unlimited options beckoning to me: ‘Choose me! No, me! Look over here—it’s me you need to do!’ With days like those, I’ve got to write down the possibilities, the probabilities, the maybes, and the probably nots; then a sort of time-line in order to keep myself on track. Days later I’ll go back and see if I’ve accomplished what I set out to do, and perhaps get the ‘probably nots’ moved to the top of the list.

to-do listI was speaking with a friend this week about handing out postcards that advertise my services as a tutor and art instructor, and she advised me to go to a frame shop owned by an artist friend of hers. After googling the shop, I took myself to meet the proprietor. It’s days like those that prove that my scheduled list of activities is quite flexible.

She wasn’t there; in fact was away for a whole week. However, I met a guy who was quite supportive and willing to hand out my post cards; in fact, there was a room in the back of the establishment that was big enough for art lessons. Photography classes as well as instruction in Woodwork were already being held there, and he invited me to go have a look at it. Fantastic—tables, enough room for supplies, loads of space for a gaggle of children; easels for artwork. Plus the guy, an artist as well as a musician, was very keen on helping the community become more aware of how the arts need to play a vital role in the life of the town. I wasn’t looking for inspiration, it wasn’t on my list, but I found it, as well as a shot of energy and enthusiasm from a stranger. Brilliant serendipity indeed.

Familiarity Breeds Gratefulness

St. Swartz: How wonderful is the familiar. Trying new stuff is great for pushing this backside out of my deep ruts, butt (hehe), there is something special about familiar and comfortable places and faces.

norm from cheersThis morning after a span of some days, I went back to one of my typical time and place yoga classes. I was hailed by fellow yoga peeps and I felt like I was Norm elbowing up to my corner at the bar beside Cliff while Woody poured my first draft. I sweated my tail off beside women with whom I have practiced vinyasa for a few years. I’ve watched their evolution in yoga and they mine. They are so beloved and add to my whole experience. This familiarity is something I’ve worked hard for and am now so grateful for.

Shimmy Shimmy Shake Shake, What What?!

Mizzfit: In the search for some firsts I visited a new library which happened to have carts of free books outside its entrance, sweet! On the third cart I found, ‘The Serena Technique of Belly Dancing’ by Serena and Alan Wilson with a psychedelic cover from 1972. Score! Inside, Serena touts the benefits of belly dancing: physical and emotional wellbeing as well as aiding childbirth (from conception through to postpartum period) and of course, “The dance helps to release the sensual and sexual you to its fullest capability.” I haven’t tried any of her good moves yet (I know, big prude up in here!) but the YouTube videos are kinda inspiring. So, for my peeps, I share with you the below how-to clip. If you want to see bellydancing in action check out this longer video with uhm, mermaid bellydancers.

Cheers to having an adventure this weekend!


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