Cheers to Being Merry & Bright

I wonder why Charles Dickens thought his world needed a cautionary tale like A Christmas Carol to get folks in a proper frame of mind for the season. Do we all need our ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet to come to make an appearance to remind us to be more thoughtful, generous and kind? Nah, but this week we will be sharing what we do to make our holiday season more bright and merry.


  1. Running in the rain on Sunday was fun but an even better part was seeing all the outdoor Christmas lights festooning houses, yards and garages – and the occasional tree in a front window. There were no lights on any houses where I grew up, so the attraction for me is doubled, and I always wish everyone would put some up.
  2. Trying to source original presents without braving the mall keeps me festive. Those jam-packed stores kind of make me itch.
  3.  Postponing jury duty – ’cause making an appearance on the 23rd would not have made me merry, might in fact have brought out a little Scrooge.
  4. Driving down to Morro Bay for our 3rd annual holiday stay in a quiet seaside town; it’s great to make new traditions, especially ones featuring fish ‘n chips.
  5. Running on the beach on Christmas Day, seeing all the beach birds and passing peeps who are smiling, full of good cheer and ‘God bless us, everyone!’

[Img.Src: Victorian Christmas Card]

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