Summer Gratefulness

This summer was slower paced and had a trend of calm.  I found myself navigating through a schedule that was filled with quiet moments and a sense of centeredness.  Here are a few key summer highlights:

  • I continued to take my favorite cycle class on Tuesdays, which is filled with inspiration and gratitude messages.  As a plus, it is one of the best workouts at the club.  
  • I joined a group that met weekly that increased my spirituality and helped me stay grounded.  Although we only connected for 8 weeks, it made an impact on my meditation practice.
  • Each night after the dog had his dinner he would want to go outside and sit on the lawn.  I would join him.  We would just sit.  Sometimes he would want me to pet him.  I think that was his signal for me to breathe, so I would pet him and breathe. We would breathe in the day and be grateful for it. Aahhh.


I am so grateful for this summer. There were ups and downs, but I still had moments of calm and remembered to be thankful. I think that it has been the gratitude that enables the joy to expand. I am anticipating that my calm will continue into the fall season and the joy will expand even more.

[Poetry Source: Nayyirah Waheed]

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