Fight to the Death Advice

I have a bit of a battle with motivating my elder son to get off his ass and MOVE!!! His response to that question that begins with, “Why don’t you….” is always, “Meh, just lazy.”

And my response is always, “FIGHT!! Fight the laziness!!” Cue eye roll.


This is advice for myself as well. I know that I feel loads better if I get going. Feeling cranky: get out doors and go for a quick hike. Fight the urge to bed down! The book, TV, housework will still be there, get out there and move. I can’t let bad weather keep me indoors; bundle up, get good gear and get out! Fight the laziness! Lethargy can be obliterated once your heart rate picks up. Fight that inner sloth! Fight it to the death!

[Img.Src: Women Boxing, 1912]

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