Experimenting with Crossfit

A few years ago a lot of people I knew were talking about crossfit. In fact, the people who had taken up with the craze couldn’t talk about much else. They would talk me through the hour length workout in great detail and with pride. Curiosity peaked, a friend and I went and signed up.


On the backside of Kailua right on the Kawainui canal behind a kayak and surf board shop is a cavernous giant room. Loud pump you up music blasts out of two huge garage doors which are it for access and ventilation. The equipment is simple; kettle bells, medicine balls, barbells, jump ropes, pull up bars, a couple of tractor tires and the sidewalk. We worked out as a group for an hour. The participants write their names down on a big board where times are recorded. You also record your progress in a personal notebook that is shelved under a bulletin board that advertises upcoming crossfit events and the information of local chiropractors.


The first week we were instructed on form and given the lay of the land. After that we went 3 times a week in the evenings. From the get go I did not dig the atmosphere or the workouts. Not competitive, I was way out of my comfort zone. I dreaded the evenings we attended all day long. The workouts were strenuous but I managed. The pace was always fast so unfortunately care about proper form went out the window. Too many squats had me unable to go deeper in some yoga poses. I lasted two months. Don’t get between me and my asana!

Now the only new stuff I attempt are arm balance poses, new yoga studios, different yoga instructors, new hiking trails, and running routes. That’s all folks.

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